Game Testing

Various Stages Of Mobile Game Testing

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Game Testing

Many types of mobile games are being published to the market now and then. But all those games don’t get success and good responses from the audience. While some mobile games appeal to many gamers and get installed on many phones, others fail to influence the users and fall flat in the gaming market. 

A lot of factors influence the success of a mobile game. But we would not be addressing all of them here in this blog. Here, we will talk about testing. Testing mobile games are as vital as testing mobile apps. It can alone determine about 80% of the success rate of your mobile game. Game testing has its difficulties and risks. Many tools are also obtainable in the market to handle these challenges. Hence, a tester’s responsibility is to recognize the threats and plan the way out of the obstacles to finally release an effective and productive game to the market. If your game functions accurately, it can attain a broad spectrum of end-users and can get a good response. In turn, it would give you a huge ROI and assure customer trust and loyalty. 

Now that you know how efficient mobile testing can help you and your business let us dive into the concept of game testing and try to understand some crucial things. Moreover, here, in this blog, we will discuss the various stages of mobile testing and see how essential each one is.

Different Stages of  Game Testing

1. Closed Alpha Game Testing

It is a significant stage of game testing that takes place at the introductory level. A group of users performs closed Alpha testing to identify bugs that might have missed out during the development or other test stages occurring at the elementary level. The main objective of Closed Alpha testing is improving a particular software system by identifying and fixing errors that remain undiscovered during the initial stages of the software development process. The game gets simulated in a real end-user environment in closed alpha testing by following every step the actual end-users might make.

2. Closed Beta Testing

This stage is more or less related to that of the Closed Alpha testing stage. However, there is only a single point of difference between the two. Closed Beta testing is relatively more comprehensive. This testing method is also open to the gamers who are willing to engage in the test process by finding the bugs that create possible obstacles in the natural flow of game-play. 

Closed Beta testing is crucial as fewer testers performing the Closed Alpha testing may fail to identify errors and bugs. The number of people incorporated with Closed Beta testing may vary from hundreds to thousands. The bugs identified in this stage of mobile game testing get fixed before the game goes ahead for the subsequent testing. In general, both Closed Alpha and Closed Beta include a restricted number of game testers by giving invitations only to particular people.

3. Open Beta Testing

It is the pre-release testing stage of mobile games. This test is made open to all users who wish to try the game. This stage mainly concentrates on improving the user experience, as testers solved many possible bugs earlier. By the feedback and reviews collected from the game users, we can include certain functionalities.

Aside from these three stages of testing, different smaller tests are also included in mobile game testing. These tests help to deliver the live user test process successfully. Such tests are the Fun Factor Test, Balance Test, Learnability Test, and Reliability Tests. Finally, after all these test processes come to the last stage of game testing, game submission is made. After that, the mobile game is completely ready to be published, and the testers verify the testing checklist for the last time.

The testers run the game in a production environment before the game is published to ensure the game doesn’t have any broken codes. After this, the game ultimately receives the certification to get released. Testing involves many stages, and the testers have to drive down the game successfully through each of them. Every step has its obstacles. But it’s the responsibility of the people of a game testing company to stay sharp and pay attention to every minute aspect to obtain a top-notch final product. The testers should avoid hurrying through the stages and should conduct the tests thoroughly for the best results.

Game Testing

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