Unite India 2018 and Jolly Rogers Pirates Rumble

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The Aavega Interactive team has once again hit the pavement, guys!

Our most recent gaming project, Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble, which has been in development for the past couple of years, was selected for the MadeWithUnity showcase at the recent Unite India 2018 event hosted by Unity in Hyderabad, India. After a little nudging, one of our directors decided to personally take part in the showcase to show everyone just exactly what Jolly Rogers is all about. What he expected to be a run-of-the- mill routine meeting with his old buddies turned out to be an entirely new and exciting affair with him and our lead developer hardly getting a moment to breath.

When we first arrived on day 1 of Unite India, finding the right kiosk in the massive event was more than slightly confusing for us. The realization that our space was smaller than what we expected was a little disappointing, but our tenacity to show the game shone above all and before we knew it, the hardware setup was over in a jiffy. Anyone that has created something from scratch can attest that it is quite unnerving when you show your game or product to fellow industry people. Not only are you waiting to see  the response you are going to receive, but the added pressure of JRPR still being in its’ Beta stages with a few bugs to work out had us all on the edge of our seats. We were, however, FLOORED by the amount of positive response! People loved JRPR – the gameplay, the art style and most importantly, the fun factor of playing along with local players. Our idea of having people play together like back in the days was met with nothing but positive response, alas, #BacktoBasics was not only working, but working well! In a moment of dual guilt and pride, we were over the moon when the kiosk next us was overrun by people who wanted to try our game.


There was a never ending wave of developers, artists, industry veterans, and enthusiasts who were visiting us to try out Jolly Rogers. If we had to summarize the event in one word it would have to be ….EPIC. We lost track of the visitor count by lunch time and the feedback forms we had with us hardly even mattered anymore. Extremely tired, we wrapped up around 6:00 PM and headed back to our hotel feeling even more excited for day 2 than we were even that morning.

Day 2 was a great day because the setting became much more intimate than it had been on day one. Given that the India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) had come to an end the day before, our team was looking forward to having time to get to talk to people about JRPR one-on-one. From the moment we walked in door, our biggest surprise was already waiting for us. As we approached our kiosk to set up for the day, there was a gentle man standing beside it who was already waiting for us to set up so that he could try out the game before we got crowded again. As we got to talk to him, we found out that he was among the group of enthusiasts that had tried to play the game the previous day, only to have been turned around due to its’ overcrowding. Throughout the day we had the opportunity to talk with several industry people who were taken aback by not only the size of the game, but the quality as well. We received endless appreciation and recommendations to market the game at other conventions as well. If I had to pick the best part of the convention that was also quite funny, it had to be when fellow exhibitors abandoned their kiosks along with the hardware they were carrying just to come over and enjoy JRPR.

By the end of Unite India, the only thing that was ringing in our head was “We came, we saw and we conquered”

Yo Ho Ho!! Until next time Mateys!


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