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The Rise of Educational Games – Making Children Smarter

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Like many people, are you also the one who thinks that educational games are good for nothing?


If so, you should understand that people who play video games are not sluggards.


Games are medium just like books for learning new things and gaining knowledge. As we have various books, we have multiple video games for our requirements.


Gone are the days where gaming is only for geeks.


If you are still wondering how games can help you learn, here are few questions to understand better.


How do you learn to ride a bike? Or 

How do you learn cooking?


The answer to these questions is you learn things by actually doing them.  By taking action, you will know the exact way to learn and implement. Game development is done based on this concept.


If you want to make the world a better place, providing better education at the right time for the younger generation is essential.


Can online gaming be educational? (This question may be running inside your brain)

Yes, and here you are going to know why.


If you observe the students around or even you can take your education as an example. During schooling and college, children absorb and apply knowledge to pass a test or get good grades. But when you look at game players and game dev, you see them playing or doing things because they want to explore and progress voluntarily. Players have inherent motivation in games, a passion for finishing the story, beat their friends, or achieve high scores, and in doing so, they are willing to think parallelly about how to solve problems.


Gaming allows you to play and experiment. As humans, we all love to solve problems and create, as this is our natural behavior. 


Don’t you think the same should go with education also?


Firstly, every one of us needs to stop thinking about education and teaching as a set of information that needs to be regulated. We should start thinking broadly and consider teaching as a way of approach to understanding the world. 

Benefits of learning through educational games:

  • They improve critical thinking.
  • Helps in learning new languages.
  • They improve your strategy, leadership, and problem-solving skills.
  • They allow you to stimulate creativity and visual memory.
  • It encourages teamwork and building connections. 
  • It helps to enhance real-world skills.
  • They Boost self-confidence. 


If we see the current world scenario, the complete education system, is working online. While adopting the new changes, all the teachers worldwide are looking into creative ways to engage homebound students with coursework. For this, educational games are supporting their effort. All games are thoroughly tested to ensure the quality of the game.

Some of the examples of games that are helping students to learn are



Minecraft isn’t just an educational game; it’s become a nationwide phenomenon. The addictive game has entertained parents and students alike. It encourages creativity and problem solving while being fun to play. Teachers use this game to teach math concepts like ratios and proportions. 




What makes one Civilization grow while another dies? Players will learn just that as they build their empires in this classic game. The game offers lessons in strategy, ancient and modern cultures, and human society’s fundamentals. Teachers could easily design lessons to help students connect between Civilization and many topics, such as world history, geography, economics, scientific and civic progress, and war. The game development company’s primary aim is to highlight the collaborative and reflective nature of playing and learning together. 



Portal 2

Instead of having players shoot their way to victory like many games do, Portal 2 players have to use their wits to escape Aperture Laboratories and challenge the power-mad robot at the heart of the story. Ranked as one of the best games of all time, it’s a remarkable and mentally challenging adventure that players don’t forget soon. 


Kerbal Space Program

If the idea of running your space program, from the nuts and bolts up into space, fills you with excitement, this game is for you, and you’ll even get to learn some physics while on your journey into space. This game is very challenging. It helps to have a basic understanding of physics – although if you play this game for long, your experience will not remain basic. Kerbal Space Program uses a very complex and realistic physics model to calculate how well your rocket will launch and fly, both sub-orbital and in space, if you get there.


There are much more games online, which are incredible. You can easily download them from platforms like PS4STEAMNINTENDO, and XBOX, making gaming easily accessible to everyone. 


Free to Learn, Free to Play

Education should be Free to Learn, Free to Play.


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