Marketing Campaign

Best Innovative Marketing Campaigns In The Gaming Industry

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The gaming industry is a booming business. Every year the total revenue in gaming increases by millions of dollars. This growth has led many large and small companies to develop unique marketing campaigns to promote their newest games. These campaigns range from the ridiculous to the clever, and sometimes both go beyond traditional models. This […]

Halloween Theme Based Blog

How Game Developers Use Halloween To Re-Energize Gamers

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While shops, restaurants, theaters, and pretty much every mall get into Halloween style with skeletons, pumpkins, and all things scary. Let’s look at video games and how game developers are incorporating Halloween factors into their games? Then, let’s also see how you can entertain your gamers and make your video game even spookier. Let’s see […]

QA testing

Reasons Why An Expert QA Tester Needed For Game Testing

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The gaming market has grown remarkably in recent times. It is a sector beyond issues of bankruptcy or lack of finance. Significantly, the gaming market rapidly enhanced these days because of the increase in usage of smartphones. As per the reports, gross gaming revenue generated in the United States is around 28k million dollars. In […]

Game Testing in game development

Role Of Video Game Testing In Game Development

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Game development is never as simple or on the plan as a developer would want it to be. The process usually involves fixed deadlines, code choke points, production holdups, never-ending work cycles, etc. Game testing is a subpart of the development process which assures the quality of the video game function. With so much work […]