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Most Popular Game Genres Of 2021

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Popular Game Genres

The Gaming Industry is booming over the last couple of years, and to a certain level, the pandemic has contributed to it. So, people need to be in their homes for safety. But, rather than working all day, they should utilize time on their hands in other ways. As a result, people acquired newer and various interests such as music, creating art, photography, yoga, exercising, etc., and one of them is, Gaming! 

Without a doubt, video games created a vast community. With new game genres getting explored and introduced, more and more gamers gather for the best release games ever made. The main reason for this ever-growing community is the technology that gets connected for each breakthrough across the game genres.

Back in the days, we just made it through with machine games and the basic consoles. Now, we have many consoles to select from, along with the upcoming steam deck. Mobile Gaming, eSports, PC gaming, and the list goes on. Gaming has come so far and is yet to get huger. 

What are video game genres?

Perhaps you are very new to the world of gaming and questioning what is a gaming genre all about; well, let us tell you. A gaming genre is a category of games that club together with similar characteristics. It’s just like having many book genres; the same system follows for gaming too. So, as we have our favorite kinds of books, we will have our favorite types of games too. Does it make sense? Every genre has unique features that line it up with respect within the gaming community.

We are here to share the most popular gaming genres of 2021 and how the growth and popularity are only marking new heights with each passing day. 

Casual Games

These games target a massive audience of all ages. Most of them are easy to learn and understand and very entertaining for people looking to play games to pass the time. There aren’t any strict rules or restrictions and require a much shorter time to play. As the name suggests, they are played casually, which means that their interface and gameplay are straightforward. Also, another feature of casual games is that they do not require any additional costs or tools to play. Even though they are so simple to play and develop, they are still the most popular and give high profits in the market.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are and have been a people’s favorite for the longest time. There are even online puzzle games, which gives the industry a huge advantage. People can now play these puzzle games with other people without any physical communication or even play solo. Games like 2048 and Mahjong, Solitaire, etc., have been in the online gaming world for quite some time and have boosted the puzzle genre of the gaming industry. This genre of the video game industry has a vast customer base that allows distinct and undeniable growth in the market. 

Arcade Games

Arcade games are also simple and easy to play, but they don’t have any story for their gameplay. Also, they don’t require any complex moves or responses, and they do not have any set of rules and regulations. Some of the best picks are Frogger, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, etc. Arcade games have been around for the longest time.

Action Games

The action games have been top-rated and are in a close-run with Racing game genre for the longest time. Action games require more attention and focus in comparison to other genres mentioned in this list. They need a higher reaction time and better reflexes, and most of them have good storylines. These action games give players a great adrenaline rush and have interactive visuals giving people a fantastic experience. 

Battle Royale

This genre is undeniably one of the most popular genres for 2021. Almost every company in the video game industry has either released a game that is first within the battle royale genre or utilizes features from it within the last couple of years. They are multiplayer and very competitive, making the wins remarkably rewarding. We can take Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout as the best example for battle royale-style gameplay. 


This game genre is more brainy. It expects a player to use their intelligence. The player has the tasks of managing all battle aspects, such as collecting energy sources, building defensive bases, moving troops, and planning warfare elements. These games can be more involving as there are more elements to consider. If any tasks are forgotten or not managed perfectly, the player can lose the game.

Wrapping Up

Video games are everywhere, and they have a fascination that excels at race, age, gender, and even language. With millions of games in hundreds of various genres, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. However, as the gaming industry continues to overgrow, none of these genres may have a confirmed spot on next year’s list as we can’t tell what innovations and trends could emerge.

Game Genre

Comment down your favorite game genre. Keep Gaming!

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