Challenges of game tester

Major Challenges Faced By Game Testers

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From a common point of view, mobile game testing done by game testers ensures that a game can get accurately downloaded, installed, and function. In addition, it should offer a seamless user experience and meet the goals and requirements of the gamers.

However, testing mobile games is not as easy as it seems to be. Similar to mobile application testing, game testing also has its challenges and difficulties that push the game testers. Yet, a developer must overcome these challenges and thoroughly test the game to reach out to the targeted audience and get the game successful. 

So, the question is, what should be your first step towards successful game testing?

You initially need to know the challenges you can face to carry out an efficient game testing process. Having prior knowledge about the difficulties you may face can help you curb them or avoid them entirely. So, here is a list of the primary challenges that most game testers face through game testing. Let’s go forward and see what these are.

Major Challenges Faced By Game Testers

1. Direct Screen Access

Nowadays, a lot of mobile games use direct screen access. It is done by bypassing the OS level tasks with the help of different APIs and software frameworks such as ActiveX and OpenGL. Because of this, the traditional frameworks for mobile automated testing turn irrelevant when mobile games are concerned. The automation only uses XY clicks since there is no access to the object-level data.

2. Load Testing

Neither app testing nor game testing is available to get released into the market without load testing. With the development of network-based games, the attention is slowly getting redirected towards MMORPG and MMO games. One of the significant challenges faced here is protection. Security comes as a great concern when building a testing facility for console games. Considering the high stakes associated with console games, the risk of safety becomes a big problem.

3. Social Media Integration

Social media integration has become a mandatory requirement for all applications, and game apps are no exemption. Mobile games are increasingly getting connected to different social media networks. The game testers require to pay more attention as social media can be both constructive and disruptive. If used and performed effectively, social media can unite like-minded gamers and help them to exchange ideas, enhancing user experience. It can also act as an excellent channel for businesses to launch their products and software to their targeted audience. But, if it’s done incorrectly, it can harm the game. Hence, the game testers need to be cautious while working on social media integration.

4. Security Challenges Faced by Game Testers

Today’s gamers are intelligent enough to examine the security a game provides before using it. So, you cannot risk releasing an unsecured application into the market. Therefore, testing for game security is one of the essential responsibilities of game testers. Before launching, a game requires to be examined for safety correctly and adequately. Some of the available options for authentication are Social Authentication, Device Authentication, and User Authentication.

5. Multiplayer Feature

Testing the multiplayer feature can pose a massive challenge for game testers, especially when the players are far apart, playing from various geographical regions. The mobile games which have the multiplayer feature are pretty tricky to test and debug. They can even have problems that are almost unlikely to fix. The game testers have to thoroughly check the mobile games from their robust design to overcome this challenge.

6. Device Fragmentation

New smartphones are getting released into the market very often. Further, many OS is available with different versions. Besides, each version has many new features. Therefore, testing the games on multiple versions of each OS can be difficult for the game testers.

The challenges involved in game testing are so many. The ones discussed above are just a look at the major ones. No matter how small or big the difficulties are, you must find new methods and procedures to deal with the challenges and succeed as a professional game tester. You can also take the assistance of the latest tools and technologies available for testing.

Among all testing for game security, game compatibility, social media integration, and device fragmentation are crucial factors to consider. If you want to get achievement with your game, never release it without testing efficiently. Constantly be goal-oriented and pay attention to every small detail to ensure thorough testing. This will aid you to get maximum user response for your game and help you with a high ROI.

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