Jolly Rogers : Pirates Rumble and Aavega Interactive is ready to set sail to Gamescom

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With a little over a month left for Gamescom, the Aavega Interactive team is very excited and on toes to have all our registration formalities covered. A year ago, one of our team members participated in Gamescom as a visitor /gamescom-pax-west-2018/ and was quite taken aback with the energy being exuded! For the last couple of years, our team has been toiling on Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble and running test runs on smaller events (refer to our blogs). We finally think it is ready to be showcased on a bigger platform and get better exposure. And what better way than to exhibit in Gamescom.

Gamescom is one of the largest gaming conventions in the world hosted in Germany, Europe with well over 300,000 participants across all genres of the gaming world – game developers, publishers, artists, and the most important category, GAMERS! As a game development team, we can’t wait to showcase our prized possession, Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble and have the gaming community experience the fun couch co-op arcade game along with their friends! Our focus has always been to create a fun game that the community loves and improvise according to their needs. We are pretty confident that the 4 day Gamescom event will be very exciting and fruitful for JRPR (Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble) and the team alike.

Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble is a couch co-op action arcade game which comprises of 7 different pirate characters and 7 unique game modes. Each character was inspired by pirates of the past and have unique playstyles. We will be posting more about our game in the upcoming posts over the next few weeks. Come try out our pirate crew along with your friends at Gamescom if you are participating, we will be in Hall 2, booth 050!


See ya soon, Mateys!! 

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