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How Game Developers Use Halloween To Re-Energize Gamers

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While shops, restaurants, theaters, and pretty much every mall get into Halloween style with skeletons, pumpkins, and all things scary. Let’s look at video games and how game developers are incorporating Halloween factors into their games? Then, let’s also see how you can entertain your gamers and make your video game even spookier.

Let’s see how game developers can work around Halloween in their games.

Game Developers need to add Halloween elements to the game

Where’s my shady pumpkin? 

Adding Halloween-themed accessories to your game is reasonably the most expected by your audience, despite the game genre. Famous horror characters (skeletons, ghosts, witches, zombies), animals (black cats, owls, bats), plants (pumpkins, venus flytraps), spiders, skulls, and nets, you have a lot to select from for every taste.

Let gamers dress their figures in Halloween costumes

What about a magic cloak, hat, or even makeup? Why not add some personal touch?

In the turn-based strategy game The Battle of Polytopia by Swedish developer Midjiwan, the soldiers will celebrate the Skull Party and flatter themselves with skull masks. Players can activate this option during the entire month of November!

Another game Subway Surfers, by Kiloo, created the “fang-tastic” filters on Instagram, thus extending their reach exceeding the game environment. You can locate them under the name “Cambridge” – a reference to the Subway Surfers World Tour 2020.

The developers introduced the Scream Team in the Cambridge update – three new spooky characters chased by Frankenstein and the skeleton dog. In addition, the players can choose a hexed board to surf on the train carriages loaded with pumpkins, not to mention that they will get scored for collecting pumpkins together with the ordinary coins.

Kiloo went the extra mile and designed a separate section on their website with games dedicated to Halloween. 

Game Developers should build a story-line to feature Halloween in your game

Nothing is more thrilling than a new adventure and a storyline created around something happening in the real world. In this scenario, it’s Halloween. It means that the developers fully support the game and want to keep players interested in their game-high. Obviously, cost and dev time are included, but it can significantly boost your revenue and engagement rates during these times. In addition, gamers are usually willing to spend on abilities, branded items, etc., limited to time.

Organize the Halloween game events

Why restrict yourself to only a few Halloween’s in-game components when you can delight your players with a complex game campaign. Think about themed characters, tournaments, limited-time challenges, and so on.

Check Legendary – Game of Heroes: they have refreshed the icon and splash screen, launched events, and announced it on Facebook. This year, they will offer free ultimate hero every week, and they also released Fennecs. However, it can only unlock during the anticipated Halloween event by gathering candy and hatching their eggs. They also offered Halloween special treats, and players and friends who return to the game will get an entire Event Deck as a gift. Note the bonuses will be available for the week of October 26th.

If your game community is active and passionate, they could even build their own Halloween event. Even under prevailing covid restrictions, an online event can cheer up and create a feeling of relating to the community for those who have to stay at home.

Create a sense of urgency

Holding a Halloween campaign last for just a few days makes gamers even more thrilled about playing for this short amount of time. So naturally, they will open mobile games more frequently to make sure they haven’t missed anything. However, you don’t need to compress yourself into a couple of Halloween days. Your campaign can continue for 2-3 weeks (and even add a few days of post-Halloween time).

Launch a spooky Halloween Sale

Launching a Halloween sale is probably the easiest way to be on-trend if you decide to go without the Halloween updates. It’s also an excellent opportunity to invite new gamers to try your game who would possibly not download it at all. If the game costs a cent, why not try it out?

For the existing gamers, a discount for the DLC’s they have been missing might be a pleasant surprise too!

Games platforms like Steam or GOG advertise a Halloween sale every year with up to a 90% discount for specific games. So why not take benefit of the games marketplace initiatives.

For instance, the Steam sale highlights horror and Halloween-themed games with exclusive Halloween updates or activities. Usually, visitors double these days, leading 15 million active users to pick from 23,300 discounted items.

Build funny Halloween content for your social media community

The least you can do is brand your social pages, edit your description on the app stores, promote your event or sale on social media, or post pictures from your Halloween party to your Facebook page. Just keep it real.


Be ready to Amp Up your game this Halloween season and Boost Up your gamers!

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