Aavega Interactive Enters Gamescom Saga This Year

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It is every gaming personnel’s dream to be a part of a huge gaming event, be as a gamer or as a professional who works in the industry and we are no different. Our dream of showcasing a game we developed on a large scale was finally fulfilled when we decided to take up a booth in Gamescom this year!
Koelnmesse (The entrance to Gamescom)
A little history filled with some interesting facts
Gamescom is one of the largest gaming conventions held in Cologne, Germany with a huge audience. The official numbers this year was 31,300 trade visitors, 1153 companies and 373,000 gamers who took part in the event which was spread across 21,800 square meters. The Gamescom Opening Night Live was hosted by producer and moderator, Geoff Keighley and was viewed by over 500,000 spectators online.
Link for those who might have missed it – https://youtu.be/8VucAVd7gNs?t=1646
Our Experience
There are quite a few posts across internet on how to be prepared for events but unless you are there attending one, nothing really prepares you completely. Being our first time participating in an event, we had our own share of win moments and struggles from setting up our equipment to dismantling.

Day 1 or the set up day was quite hectic with a lot of people in the event arena setting up the booths. We arrived at our designated booth space to an already finished plain booth.

Our First Booth

It was left to us fill up the space and decorate it as per our wish which was quite a challenge in itself since we had forgotten to fly in with the posters which were sitting tight back in the studio. We had to inquire around for a poster printing shop (Copy & Paste) which thankfully was present in Koelnmesse and they were quite happy to help us with the posters. Luckily, they had the EU power converters/sockets as well which saved us quite some time. Setting up and arranging the equipment took most of the day. Once the equipment was set up, another problem was staring at us right in our face – our Steam build just wouldn’t run “missing executable”. We had the game build up and running on Steam with a round of testing couple of days before event but there we were, filled with confusion and trying to figure what the issue might be. We had quite a few theories which included – Was it because of the regional change identified by Steam? Was it because it was an executable and Germany has strict anti-download laws? We however were carrying an offline build on one our hard drives which saved the day. Also, it turns out one of our developers published a build onto Steam post testing with a typo which caused this fiasco.

  • Carry your game posters/vinyl
  • Carry an offline build of the game with you
  • Do not have your developers publish anything very close to event dates
Day 2 started quite early for the crew. The train platforms and arena entrance were a sight to behold with the amount of people trying to get into the arena and mind you, this was still just the Trade Visitors, Exhibitors and Press mostly, the event audience still did not have access to enter Gamescom yet. We had quite a busy start with half the crew heading for meetings and the rest manning the booth hosting interested publishers, enthusiastic developers and service providers. One of the learning of the day (and event) was the knowledge that a Business booth can invite up to 100 individuals to the booth. This was probably the only day when we had some time to venture out to the Entertainment area section which blew us away. We are putting up few pics which hopefully will do a little justice to what we saw out there. More pics have been put up on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Follow us!

Day 3 or August 21st was by far the busiest day during our Gamescom participation. As Aavega Interactive team; we met up with quite a few publishers and demonstrating Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble extensively

Darksiders Franchise Booth

and were quite drained by evening. Missing out on food was the least of our worries that day with team splitting up to make it to the meetings on time and did we have to walk! Grabbing a slice of pizza in the midst of all the running around was just a divine experience and much needed fuel. We ended up crawling back to our hotel by the end of the day!


Day 4 and our enthusiasm hadn’t wavered but in fact was fueled up further when we noticed the crowd was exponentially huge. The walk from the platform to arena was quite eventful with the crowd just carrying you further without us really having to walk. Thankfully, the trade visitors and exhibitors had a separate entrance for the arena. Apart from our meetings, we had some time to visit the Indie Village in Hall 10.2 along with glimpses of the insane well behaved crowd of gamers waiting their turn to play games hosted by various big guns. The booths hosted in entertainment area were just tremendously huge which was quite a requirement considering the number of gamers who were visiting the booths.

Raw Fury Booth

Numerous upcoming game titles were on display and people could try their hands on them if they were patient enough J We continued to scout and managed to network while keeping an eye out for familiar faces and stumbled upon the one and only Robert Bäckström, one of the original members of Fatshark (Vermintide) and now part of the Raw Fury family. He was happy to have candid conversation with us while he cosplayed as the protagonist from RawFury’s upcoming game title Mosaic.

Day 5 and our last day at Gamescom had dawned on us. We still had several successful meetings from different prospective clients for our gaming services front. Post lunch Gamescom had finally given us a much needed break which we gladly utilized to head to Entertainment area which though filled with maddening crowd was quite inviting. The Cosplay Village was a sight to behold with so many cosplayers supporting each other and at times forming human chains. Notable mentions – Leon Chiro and Maul cosplay! Not to forget the presence of Kevin Sussman from the Big Bang Theory. The e-sport arena was filled with gamers trying out and competing against various other participants and sometimes winning a giveaway or 2! The merchandise area was filled with great collection of figurines and action figures of game and anime characters (left couple of us collectors busy for a long time)
Thus ended our Gamescom saga! (and the beginning of the much rested weekend)
It is splendid to see how gaming as an industry has evolved over the decades and as a personnel working in the gaming industry, I highly recommend a fellow industry worker to definitely visit such events to gauge yourself and the work you do or just to get the inspiring drive to do your work better. Aavega Interactive as a team had many learning on both professional and personal levels during Gamescom which will be cherished by each one of us for a really long time or at least until the next year’s Gamescom.
Pro tips:
  • Carry your own game posters/vinyl to the event arena yourself. It is one of the essentials
  • Fix up your meetings in advance – last minute meetings are generally not entertained at the business booths
  • Always have an offline build of your game readily accessible
  • If you want a gaming audience to try out your game, it is best to either invite few people in prior or have a booth in entertainment area or club yourself along with other Indie developers
  • If you want to try out a certain game especially if it is a highly anticipated one like Cyberpunk 2077, be focused and be prepared to spend long hours in the queue
  • Wear comfortable walking or running shoes if you plan to cover all the halls on a single day

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