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Every designer and developer tend to be confused with their creative ideas. Usually, the ideation starts but then there is a confusion of which engine has to be used. Currently, many developers do follow the unreal engine since it’s easier than unity and some find it difficult- vice versa. Unity, on the other hand, is easy to learn and easier to implement all your idealistic character designs to complete or fulfil your desired imaginative game. A game which can surprise you with beyond expectations. Hence, the list is made. Our personal recommended top 5 indie games made from unity. 

Hollow Knight

Every platform gamer knows Hollow Knight. Some try it out and some wouldn’t. But what’s so great about this game that everyone goes gaga about? Have you heard about Boss Fight which makes you want to break your keyboard? Yes, Hollow knight is one of those games.


Indeed! Team Cherry has created a vast exploring interconnected worlds filled with good and evil elements. Evocative hand-drawn art and impeccable timing for the music which sinks you into sadness. The emotions expressed in the game is just discovering a new world filled with adventures. One of the best game made from unity! It’s surprising to see a beautiful game created from the wonderful engine – Unity.

Ori and the blind forest

This game is one of a kind. A game which narrates an emotional story with beautiful visuals. A visual which happens to understand the beautiful harmony of love and sacrifice. More you dwell into this game, more you are into the character surface as a perspective which baffles you.

Understanding that you are ready for the emotional roller coaster, you end up becoming one of the characters who sacrificed itself for love. With no spoiler, a summary can be provided. It happens in a forest called Nible. A platformer game with action-packed adventure sort of visual stunning creation. Thanks to Moon Studio, we await for the return of the game, 2 nd part. Moreover, to our surprise, this game was made with unity
Check out the gameplay to understand more

Ghost of a tale

Imagine a Grimm story beginning with sadness, you end up wondering if this something you want to go for. Ghost of a Tale is an action-packed RPG game with precious adventure where its set medieval population region.

There is a tiny mouse named Tilo and Tilo need to explore the vast dwindling heights. This game is very unique as it is indie. Plus whole art, design and coding were done by Lionel “Seith” Gallat. Game is written and designed by Paul Gardner. The music is created by the Nicholas Titeurx – sound designer. Marvellous creation of the game is made from unity as it is, Ghost of a Tale narrates a beautiful enigmatic story with Grimm surface environment

Cities: Skyline 

 Created by Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skyline is more like Sims except that you can build your ideal city. Somehow, Simulators are helpful to visualise and create that cornered potential which broadens to build a beautiful creation virtually.

The perception of this game is to make you understand that counterbalance of the layered cities and its civilisation. Want to build an Eiffel Tower to denote your perfection in a simulator or build Arc de Triumphe? The game understands your creation. You will be surprised by the marvellous graphic it contains. All from the love of Unity engine, a beautiful city simulator is created. 


A classic run and gun action game with heavily influenced by 1930s traditional hand cel animation and watercolour background. This game is really difficult. Don’t believe me? The below link for certain youtube review will give you a clue 

Cuphead is a co-op game created with unity but its also one of a kind as it is Bafta-winning award, and it has reminiscing the 1930s jazz style. A platformer game with crazy boss fights and its unique creation in every level would make you break the keypad. Guaranteed !! 
Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc came with this plausible concept as they were heavily influenced with the Grimm 1930s cartoon which brought more nostalgic feeling than any other monotonous game ever with bland features. 
Trailer for Cuphead

Unity may be one of the engines which are difficult to learn but if you really learn through all of the basics, you will figure out soon on why unity can be a wonderful tool to create magic out of the gaming world and dimensions. Game development might be tough but once you learn all through that coding and design, you will know why these indie games created an impact on gamers as well as game developers. 
So good luck to future game developers and Do break your keypad to play all these games

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