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Best couch co-op games to buy this Halloween Sale on Steam

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Steam is close to rolling out a new feature called ‘Remote Play Together’ that will let friends play local-multiplayer games together over the internet thus paving way for those couch co-op games which lacked much luster until our friends were physically present with us.

Here are our few recommendations which you might want to buy (Get ready for the Halloween Sale!!!)


10/10 – Steam  

A witty humor puzzle adventure single-player game as a local co-op.  With balanced difficult curve based challenges, you can play solo for story mode or dual team. Depending upon how far you want to go, you can create or edit levels in the game. Each new element in the gameplay force you to co-ordinate with your friends or you lose. This game has more than 450 levels to drive you to insane challenges that you have never come across. Set as a puzzle adventure co-op game, it’s a must-have.



9/10 – Steam

Platformer-based puzzle adventure fun games can immerse you into goofy and wobbly physics. There are no levels but with every unsolved puzzle, you can either play solo or co-op up to 8 players. The best bit about these fun puzzles is that you don’t have to dig up the steam forum nor ask for help. You can customize or quirk it up with open-ended physics. Fun fact is that you are in bob’s dream trying to help him to fix it! Not a bob the builder reference



9/10 – Steam

Party games can be brutal to any friendship. If you want to wreck or ruin, play a couch co-op or online co-op. It doesn’t matter as long as you win or you let your friend win to save the friendship. Pummel Party is an online co-op and couch co-op which defines a ruined friendship game. With 4 to 8 players integrated couch co-op, this game is bizarre. It has various weapons that are comedic. A minigame board based maps. Brutal weapons like remote-controlled eggplants and punching glove can get the party started



9/10 – Steam

As much as it sounds like, Stick Fight is fought with classic stick figures. With over 23000 made community levels, it’s fun and unique. There is no complicated physics involved in it. It has no single-player mode. If you want to play, get two friends or fight against random players around the globe. The game is through and through a totally accurate battle simulator. Depending upon you, the game might get intense or fatality K.Oed.


9/10 – Steam

Just like pummel party, Move or Die is one of a kind party game. It’s a fast-paced local and online party game where the mechanics change every 20 seconds. The best party in this game is you can mod as much as you want. It’s mod-friendly. You can create your own characters or skins. Depending on what you want, this game is crazy fun for its own good. Move or Die is the definition of squish squash your opponents kind of challenging game.



With recommendations of a few above, we like to recommend OVERCOOKED 2, TRINE SERIES, CASTLE CRASHERS, ULTIMATE CHICKEN HORSE, etc.

Since Steam sale is going to be up anytime soon, Grab your wallet and make a wise choice between all the games. Loosen up your purse strings for the games, nobody is judging. 



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  1. Definitely gonna buy this one in this halloween.
    Guys please be safe in this sale season while purchasing online, hackers remain active . SO please be safe by using any vpn like I don use pure vpn service to stay away from such hacks,,

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