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Best Survival Games On Steam

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We all love survival games. Maybe there’s something hidden in our subconscious mind that needs to test our courage against the troubles in our ancient evolutionary past. Also, we like the excitement of depending on our senses to keep mutants or zombies out of our way. 

Whatever the interest, survival games like The Forest, Green Hell and, Subnautica have filled our game libraries these years, and they’re some of the most fun games you can find. Whether you like crafting different items or building massive bases, there’s something to keep everyone entertained in this genre. To admire the best survival games, we have put together a top 5 list of our picks. But before we drive into our list, here are a few things to acknowledge:                                

  • What groups as “survival” can be pretty subjective. To avoid clutter, we have defined the genre as games requiring crafting or building to keep your character alive.                                                                  
  • Rather than a complete list, this is a list of some games that we have tried and considered to be some of the best in the genre. 
  • If you don’t see the survival games you like here, please let us know. Apart from constantly looking for recommendations, your ideas may make our future lists. 

1. Green Hell

Green Hell a undiscovered Amazon rainforest, in which you are left to defend yourself after being abandoned with nothing but a radio. Gameplay centers about caring for natural needs like building shelter, finding food, dangerous animals, and avoiding disease. A unique addition to this game is a Body Inspection Mode that enables you to manage your physical body by eliminating parasites, diagnosing yourself, and applying bandages. However, Green Hell is an equally psychological thriller since you will also need to control your psychological condition against an environment of isolation and other insanity-inducing environmental forces.  



2. The Forest

The Forest welcomes you to a mysterious island populated by mutants that like to make you their next meal. The densely forested island and incorporates resources, both naturally occurring on the island and that you can retrieve from your crashed airplane. Survival involves managing the sources to build shelter and create weapons to battle with the mutants. Also, you have to ward off sickness and handle fire to stay warm and cook your food. Surviving is extra challenging because you will be hunted at night by the mutants, so solid shelter and traps are crucial to your survival.


3. Fallout 4

Fallout is a must-have for fans of the genre. You play as an unfortunate survivor of a catastrophic thermonuclear war. Alive only because you got cryogenically frozen in an undercovered nuclear fallout shelter. Unfortunately, your son got kidnapped, so you must wander out into the vast decaying wastelands in search of him, scavenging supplies and weaponry and fighting packs of enemies like Mole Rats and Raiders and Super Mutants. Fall Out 4’s gameplay can be shifted between first-person and third-person like its predecessorFallout 3. But, unlike Fallout 3, it adds a layered armor system and base-building.



4. Subnautica

Unknown Worlds Entertainment produced something completely original when it released this ocean-based, survival action-adventure in 2014. You play the character of a crew member of a spaceship that has fallen on an unfamiliar and remote planet, with one big problem there’s no land in view, just the ocean. The survival method is quite addictive but also complicated. You endure your health, hunger, thirst, and oxygen levels by accumulating and harvesting items you find.



5. Ark: Survival Evolved – Survival Games

Ark: Survival Evolved has a unique variation to other survival games – dinosaurs. In this open-world survival, you wake in an expansive map packed full of ancient creatures so you need to craft and form a base to survive. You can play solo, with or opposite others since the game has both PvP and PvE modes. However, the dinosaurs are the thunderous appeal of this game. You will encounter more than 30, as well as a variety of different creatures. One of the best additions to Ark: Survival Evolved is that once you have ample resources, you can feed and nourish the dinosaurs, then ride them to travel around the map or use them in battle.



6. Don’t Starve

The name of this game speaks it all. The objective of Don’t Starve is to craft, hunt, farm, and research things that are valuable so that you can eat and sustain in a different little world full of strange creatures and wonders. But, there are no directions, no hand-holding, and no help. It would benefit if you relied on your wit to make it through the game. Don’t starve connects dark and comical visuals in a hand-drawn 2D art style that has helped create a solid following and overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam.



Well done! You have come to the end of our list safe and unharmed. We hope you are now well equipped to overcome any hurdles that come your way.

Survival Games

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