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Best Innovative Marketing Campaigns In The Gaming Industry

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The gaming industry is a booming business. Every year the total revenue in gaming increases by millions of dollars. This growth has led many large and small companies to develop unique marketing campaigns to promote their newest games. These campaigns range from the ridiculous to the clever, and sometimes both go beyond traditional models. This blog will focus on the best marketing campaigns implemented by businesses in the gaming industry.

Angry Birds

Finnish game development company Rovio Entertainment developed “Angry Birds” a mobile game . It is an action-adventure game and involves the players trying to stop a group of green pigs from stealing “birds,” which are magical eggs. It has gained over a billion downloads since its launch in 2009. One of its most exciting marketing strategies was a project by Apple that gave away free copies of the game when they purchased a Macbook. This led many people to buy more Macbooks and Angry Birds simultaneously, causing an incredible spike in sales for both products. Another campaign that Rovio ran was through a partnership with McDonald’s, which also offered free copies of the game with their burgers. The main goal of their campaign is creating addiction to the Angry Birds brand.


Pokémon Go

Niantic Labs released Pokémon Go in 2016, it’s a smartphone game. It drew millions upon millions of players around the world as they used their phones to catch Pokémon on their adventures. At the same time, they should avoid being robbed, kidnapped, or even murdered. The game also became one of the most popular mobile games ever released, which was a huge feat considering that the game did not have any official advertising. That should be a golden achievement because it was considered “unofficial” marketing and, therefore, not subjected to any regulations. Niantic Labs thanked their fans and players by hosting “Pokémon Go Fest” in Chicago on July 22, 2017, where they invited players from around the world to celebrate the new game. Pokémon Go proved itself one of the most successful marketing campaigns in gaming history by streaming the festival live for everyone to watch.


The Sims 3 Bingo

This marketing campaign was the most unusual and funny of them all. The Sims 3 is a life simulation game that allows you to control your own Sims (the characters in the game). A couple of years ago, the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, took advantage of this and created a unique marketing campaign. First, they invited players to play with their own Sims using a bingo card. Then, players had to fill the cards with items on the game that was physically present in real life, such as people in their neighborhood, buildings, cars, and so much more. This marketing campaign aimed to capture the attention of gamers and reveal the social aspects of the game. The campaign was a success and had helped EA gain more revenue over its competitors for their Sims franchise.


 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Since it was released, call Of Duty has been one of the most popular first-person shooter series. Every time a new game is released, it becomes an instant success. Call of Duty: Black Ops II takes the series to a new level with new fast-paced mechanics, killer graphics, and two different timelines. One of the marketing campaign’s key features was portraying the game’s innovations and introducing them to players. For example, the game had a completely new multiplayer mode called “Mob of the Dead.” Which was released with a trailer in 2014. It instantly became one of the most popular videos online as millions of people watched it.

The game also had an event called “Nuketown Mondays,” where players would be competitive in team death match at Nuketown. The video game developers used this opportunity to promote the game. By introducing it to gamers who usually do not use first-person shooter games. As a result, the marketing campaign for this new Call Of Duty did not only go down well with gamers, but it quickly became one of the most successful marketing campaigns.


Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV was one of the most anticipated games of the gaming industry released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful titles in this series. Since it earned almost half a billion dollars in just three days. It’s double the amount any other game had ever made in its first week. And went down as the best-selling game of all time for next-generation consoles. A lot of people have attributed its success to its controversial marketing campaigns. Both BBC and Fox TV banned the advertisement for GTA IV from broadcast. Due to Rockstar’s “misguided attempts at humor.” Yet, this did not stop gamers from purchasing it.

The campaign’s goal was to give players a first-person perspective of all the aspects of the game. The advertisements, including gameplay and graphical trailers, were all released online. They did not require printing or display in public areas. This marketing campaign was successful as it was simple and easy to understand. It allowed Rockstar’s creative team to interact with players by sharing their ideas on promoting the game.



Each of these game development companies took advantage of the various aspects of marketing that a company can offer. They delivered it in an appealing way to the demographic they were targeting. They also gave players something different to look out for. Such as using their own Sims to fill part of a bingo card and creating a first-person perspective for other players. These marketing campaigns are excellent examples of providing an attractive product or service to customers. At Aavega Interactive, we provide various gaming solutions like game development and game testing. So we can assist you in the right direction, from the designing phase to publishing. We have a team of gamers with experience working in  the gaming industry. Allowing us to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

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