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If you are a gamer worth your salt, then your love affair with video games has likely started at the arcade machine. You might have spent hours and hours of your childhood hunching over the latest titles and inserting coins as it’s like to vanish into thin air.

For a long time, arcade games were amongst the most popular game genres in the world. They usually have simple gameplay, short playtimes, and constant challenges. The arcade games are marked by their increase in challenge as the game advances. Some famous examples from mobile game’s initial days include Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds. The outcome of these games is a highly addictive and fun experience that gives players the urge to keep gaming. Of course, arcade games on mobile aren’t entirely as same as their coin-operated ancestors. But they can still contribute a good time. 

But which games were the best? 

Grab a can of coke and pocket full of coins as we check out the best arcades of all time, which you need to play before you die.


Pong is one of the early examples of an arcade video game in existence. It seems incredibly basic by today’s standards. It appeared old only a decade later, but it is an undeniable experience for any or all gamers out there. Chances are, you will not get to play an initial arcade stack of this in present days, but you can play tons of new versions which recreated the Atari’s 1972 masterpiece.


While Atari breakout was one 1970’s classic, Tomohiro Nishikado was in charge of the other. Inspired by Star Wars, Nishikado took his naive shoot them up design to Taito, who immediately realized its potential and transformed it into one of the most iconic and profitable video games of all time. Unlike Pong, Space Invaders is successfully modernized through progress in graphics. Still, the original two-dimensional shooter remains a favorite with fans and must be added to everyone’s arcade bucket lists.


If you need me to tell you about Pac-Man, I am sorry you’ve no business reading this list. Did you know that the initial name for Pac-Man was Puck-Man? It’s not because he looks like a hockey puck. But the name comes from the Japanese word ‘Paku-Paku,’ which means to move one’s mouth open and closed. So they changed it because they thought Puck-Man would be too easy to manipulate. You know, people could scrape off the P and turn it into any other letter.


Bloody monkeys. If they’re not throwing at you, then they are kidnapping hot princesses and attempting to smash you with barrels!

There is nothing much we can tell you about Donkey Kong that you already don’t know. It is as iconic as the title and anything Nintendo has ever released since and remains a favorite for energetic gamers.


Star Wars games are everywhere these days, but back in 1983, they were a little less available. So aesthetically, this arcade offering from Atari Inc. may not be attractive. Still, it fascinated Jedi-fans, both young and old, especially with the assassination of the Death Star.


Even the most classical heroes had their starting point. Realizing the success of Mario’s debut in the Donkey Kong game (albeit as Jumpman), Nintendo published the first Mario Bros title back in 1983, particularly to the arcades. Mario Bros has set down much groundwork for Mario’s backstory. But surprisingly, Mario Bros was not a big hit, at least when compared to other games of the 1980s. We are pretty sure that plump little plumber has done best for himself since then.


It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. There wasn’t a more robust fighting game at the arcade than Street Fighter II. Developed by the fabulous team at Capcom, the game profited on the success of Final Fight, rather than its predecessor, which had been a commercial flop, and created the most lasting fight tournament known to man.


Konami had all, but it approached the market by adapting popular TV franchises in 1991. Then, they got the real gold with this 4-player adventure game highlighting America’s most dysfunctional family. Without any question, The Simpsons Game is the be-all and end-all when it came to the arcades.


The Lost World arcade game became an easy moneymaker for Sega, unlike the original Jurassic Park movies. Putting gamers on the famous Isla Sorna as they hunt for Dr. Ian Malcolm, who is officially MIA – probably being praised as a God somewhere by a group of Velociraptors.

What were your favorite games back in the arcades? Sound off in the comments below.

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