Jolly Rogers Pirate Rumble’s Art Wizards are better than Hogwarts Professors

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From the 1970s to the current scenario, the gaming industry expanded its horizon to different kind of aspects. To the art to development, game developers and visual development artists have contributed to a lot of expectations in quality. Each game gives you different emotions, visual art, graphics or story plot to blow your mind. As a gamer yourself, you will be taking screenshots and creating memes of each game you play. Maybe posting those content in Imgur, 9gag or reddit for serious discussions on appreciating or criticizing the game is something you can do on a daily basis. Leading gaming services on another hand, are trying their level best to solve the challenges provided by any game so that no consumer faces any kind of struggles. It all started with 1958’s tennis for two and here we are with CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk. The evolution of video games have been better due to technological advances

As a gaming service based organization, Aavega Interactive also faces a lot of expectations from the clients and also tries to understand how art services can be done better. JRPR is one of the first PC game which we created. We have a goal. The goal of us as a team wanted to create something fun out of the blue. A lot of games have story plots but after the story ends, what’s next? Is it over? Or does it need more downloadable content? JRPR as you can say, Jolly Rogers Pirate Rumble is an arcade action arena game. Coming across arcade action arena games are not many but why did we choose arcade game as our first project? Did we really think this through? Yes, we did! We wanted to create a fun game. The nostalgic feel of Galaga, Space invaders, Pac man, Mario Bros, and several other arcade games created more fun for us as a child and we still enjoy it by downloaded crack files or maybe buy it from the Nintendo switch store. As a pc gamer, we always have a guilty pleasure of playing a game which created a part and parcel of our childhood. Any game developer’s inspiration can be from Kojima’s METAL GEAR SOLID or Far Cry series or maybe Mario itself or Dangerous Dave. Hence, JRPR was made as a project to create a symbol of arcade fantasia.

JRPR as you can say, it has a lot of elements where every character represents from a certain region of the globe. Our influences come from fiction and certain mythology which we follow. Changes done from day 1 to the current one is entirely different. We had much progress to make. As from the Aavega Interactive, we had a dedicated art team comprised of 3 in a team to drive passionately with the JRPR. It was challenging to come across a funky and fun design to make a character. Our art lead decided to make it more creative in character development existing in the game. With blessed technological tools such as 3Ds Maya, Photoshop and using Flash, there was much rendering and lighting effects to finish off.

With the current project JRPR, art team had a tight schedule and deadlines to finish few other projects, Juggling with both art services and art development, the team was trying to meet their time to finish JRPR. The only objective was to capture a better game which can engage any age group to access a game which can create a fun competitive atmosphere. Hence, the art team expanded from a team of 3 to a team of 10. Productivity hours and the endless hours dealing with other projects made it even more exciting. JRPR as a game was assuring a lot of art development.

Aavega Interactive has been developing JRPR for more than a year now. It was always under beta testing enough to check feedbacks from gamers who tested it out and the success shows in brightened faces of the gamers who tested it out. It’s our delight that we have an engaging art team to thank for.

JRPR is ready to RUMBLE..!  

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